The Collected Letters of Flann O'Brien

The Collected Letters of Flann O'Brien

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By Flann O'Brien

ISBN: 9781628971835

Publication Date: 4/30/2018

An unprecedented gathering of the correspondence of one of the great writers of the twentieth century, The Collected Letters of Flann O’Brien presents an intimate look into the life and thought of Brian O’Nolan, a prolific author of novels, stories, sketches, and journalism who famously wrote and presented works to the reading public under a variety of pseudonyms. Spanning the years 1934 to 1966, these compulsively readable letters show us O’Nolan, or O’Brien, or Myles na gCopaleen, or whatever his name may be, at his most cantankerous and unrestrained.

Praise for the Author

"A real writer, with the true comic spirit." James Joyce 

"When the layers are peeled away, they reveal an imaginative comic genius with a genuine gift for language." Publishers Weekly 

"Wit, humor, satire, the exact fall of a Dublin syllable, the ear for the local turn, the flight of fancy that can spin into a Dublin joke or a Limerick limerick—all these are his." New York Times

Biographical Information

Flann O’Brien was one of several pseudonyms of Brian O’Nolan (1911-1966), who is considered along with James Joyce and Samuel Beckett to be one of the greatest Irish writers of the twentieth century. His novels include At Swim-Two-Birds, The Poor Mouth, The Third Policeman, The Hard Life, and The Dalkey Archive.

Maebh Long is a Senior Lecturer in the English Programme at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. Her principal areas of research and teaching are modernist and contemporary literature from Ireland, Britain, and Oceania. She also has particular interest in Literary Theory and Continental Philosophy. She has published widely on Brian O’Nolan/Flann O’Brien, and is the author of Assembling Flann O’Brien (London: Bloomsbury, 2014), an award-winning monograph of theoretical engagements with O'Nolan's works.