The Adorations

The Adorations

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By Roger Boylan

ISBN: 9781628972948

Publication Date: 1/28/2020

Gustave Termi is sitting on the toilet in Geneva one day when the Archangel Michael calls him to become one of the elect.

No one could be more bewildered by this call than the agnostic Gustave. An encounter with a journalist in a therapist’s waiting room, however, leads this bumbling middle-aged professor to read of the similarly inexplicable mystical calling of Stefanie von Rothenberg, a cultured Austrian whose relationship with the daemonic is only a little less strange than her relationship with Adolf Hitler. The Adorations is a novel about Europe’s true holy trinity—politics, faith, and insanity—narrated with effortless erudition by Roger Boylan, whose Nabokovian knack for sentence-making knows no equal.


"[Boylan] resembles James Joyce at his comically prolix best, with a similar appetite for vernacular nuance and pop allusion." --Village Voice

"Killoyle ranks as one of the most impressive novels written by an American in recent years." --The Austin Chronicle

Biographical Information

Roger Boylan is an American writer who was raised in Ireland, France, and Switzerland and attended the University of Ulster and the University of Edinburgh. His successful novel Killoyle was published by Dalkey Archive Press in 1997, and was followed by a sequel, The Great Pint-Pulling Olympiad, published by Grove Press in 2003. He is a frequent contributor to the Boston Review, the New York Times Book Review, and The Economist. He currently lives in San Marcos, Texas.