Shutter of Snow

Shutter of Snow

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By Emily Holmes Coleman

ISBN: 9781628975154

Publication Date:  8/6/2024


In a prose form as startling as its content, The Shutter of Snow portrays the post-partum psychosis of Marthe Gail, who after giving birth to her son, is committed to an insane asylum. Believing herself to be God, she maneuvers through an institutional world that is both sad and terrifying, echoing the worlds of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and The Snake Pit.
Based upon the author's own experience after the birth of her son in 1924, "The Shutter of Snow" retains all the energy it had when first published in 1930.


“An extraordinary, visionary book, written out of those edges where madness and poetry meet.”—Fay Weldon

Biographical Information

Emily Holmes Coleman was an American-born poet, novelist and diarist of the 20th century who lived much of her life in France and England. In 1930 she wrote one semi-autobiographical novel, The Shutter of Snow, which was the story of a woman incarcerated in a mental hospital.