Milan Jesih: Selected Poems

Milan Jesih: Selected Poems

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“There’s no harm in that, if they want me to be a postmodernist I’ll settle for it, what the hell, the poem won’t be any better or worse for it.” —Milan Jesih


A postmodern poet who successfully employed classic structures to exploit
the range of possibilities inherent in the Slovenian language, this
selection from the life’s work of Milan Jesih highlights his revolutionary
approach to verse. Beginning with humor and autobiography and gradually
withdrawing into a universe of fragments, quotations, dreams, and
doubt, this collection offers English readers a first glimpse into the work
of one of Slovenia’s literary treasures.

MILAN JESIH was born in Ljubljana in 1950. In addition to his poetry,
he has written plays and produced numerous translations into Slovenian
from English and Russian.