Lions of the Grunewald

Lions of the Grunewald

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By Aidan Higgins

ISBN: 9781628974409

Publication Date:  10/18/2022

Here is the great Irish novel of Berlin, way back before the Wall came down.

Dallan Weaver, a writer and professor who's been fêted and flattered but has seen better days, has come to the great divided city as a guest of DILDO (Deutsche-Internationale Literatur-Dienst Organization). On arriving, Weaver's life immediately begins to fall apart. Women fight over him. He is not always in the soberest state of mind. Moving from relatively conventional narrative to deliriously long lists, incorporating everything from children's drawings to minute recollections of dreams, Lions of the Grunewald is--in the author's own words--a "missionary stew," marvelously served up in Aidan Higgins's inimitable style.

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Biographical Information

Aidan Higgins (1927-2015) was an Iris writer of short stories, novels, travel pieces, radio plays, and literary criticism. His books include Scenes from a Receding Past, Bornholm Night-Ferry, Balcony of Europe, and Langrishe, Go Down, which was adapted for television by Harold Pinter.