From Scarsdale

From Scarsdale

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By Dan O'Brien

ISBN: 9781628975482

Publication Date:  10/31/2023


From Scarsdale is an evocative and lyrical memoir of a haunted childhood in Scarsdale, New York. 

With a life-threatening diagnosis in his early forties, the author is compelled to revisit and resolve the mystery of his family’s sadness. The fourth of six children in an Irish American household distinctly out-of-place in an affluent suburb of New York City, O’Brien grows up in a claustrophobic milieu of secrecy, lies, and mental illness. The turning point in his maturation is an older brother’s attempted suicide—an event he witnesses firsthand. 

From Scarsdale traces with sensitivity the complex histories and dynamics that lead to this trauma, as O’Brien investigates the psychologies of his parents, themselves the survivors of painful childhoods in Scarsdale. Then, simultaneously disturbed and catalyzed by his brother’s depression, and his own developing obsessive-compulsive disorder, the adolescent O’Brien discovers literature and the theatre as an escape, though it will take years for an actual liberation to occur. In many ways this memoir is that liberation, as his ambition here has been to tell “the story of who I am and where I’m from, with honesty, insight, and something like forgiveness. To try to leave the old place behind.”

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"By turns sad and bleakly comic . . . a fine, evocative memoir of a suburban 1980s childhood." —James Cook, Times Literary Supplement

"From Scarsdale is an active refutation of the notion that things, moments, and people, less than beautiful, can’t be written about with beauty" The Key Reporter

Praise for A Story That Happens

“A masterclass in surviving through art.” — Margaret Gray, Los Angeles Times

“Powerful . . . . This is a book for our times.” ― Alice Jolly, Times Literary Supplement

"A quiet revelation.” ― Caridad Svich, Contemporary Theatre Review

Praise for War Reporter

“A masterpiece of truthfulness and feeling, and a completely sui generis addition not just to writing about war but to contemporary poetry” ― Patrick McGuinness, The Guardian

Biographical Information

Dan O’Brien is a playwright, poet, and nonfiction writer. His recognition includes a Guggenheim Fellowship for Drama, two PEN America Awards for Playwriting, and the UK’s Fenton Aldeburgh Poetry Prize. He lives in Los Angeles.