Coming. Apart.

Coming. Apart.

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By Edy Poppy

Translated by May-Brit Akerholt

ISBN: 9781628975208

Publication Date:  6/17/2025


Icy, intricate, and unflinching, Edy Poppy’s Coming. Apart. captures the zeniths and nadirs of the human experience. With the stark, poetic voice that garnered her collection Anatomy. Monotony. cult status in Norway and abroad, the writer–performance artist offers a vision of sexuality and alienation unlike any other. 

Coming. Apart. is Poppy’s first collection of short fiction, and her second to be published in English. Beautifully translated from the original Norwegian by Dr. May-Brit Akerholt, her stories explore moments of labyrinthine intimacy with a cold intensity that proves impossible to forget.


"Edy Poppy’s forté is her narrative voice, which is consistently quite cold and distanced. It is as if she assumes a lab scientist’s point of view, retrieves her objects of study and pokes away at them to see how they will react. It is elegantly executed." Dag og Tid

Biographical Information

Edy Poppy (b. 1975), grew up on a farm in Bø, Telemark, Norway. She moved to Montpellier when she was 17, and spent several years in France, then London, where she worked with art, fashion, film and writing. In 2005 she published her first novel Anatomy.Monotony., which was translated into Italian, Finnish, German, Polish and English. It won the contest for best love story by Gyldendal. After seven years in London, Poppy moved to Berlin and later on spent serveral month in Buenos Aires, Lipari, Reykjavik and Rio. In 2011 she published the short story collection Coming.Apart. Its opening story, "Dungeness" was selected by the American publishing house Dalkey Archive Press (also the publisher of her novel), to be part of Best European Fiction 2015. Edy Poppy is now based in Oslo and Kristiansand.