Best European Fiction 2014

Best European Fiction 2014

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Year five of the Best European Fiction series brings another crop of cutting-edge short stories from across the continent.


From Belarus to Wales! Translated from more than 25 languages and highlighting the future luminaries and revolutionaries of international literature. Fans of the series will find everything they’ve grown to love, while new readers will discover what they’ve been missing!

[Belarus] VLADIMIR KOZLOV Politics

[Belgium: French] THIERRY HORGUELIN The Man in the Yellow Parka

[Bosnia and Herzegovina] ELVIS HADZIC The Curious Case of Benjamin Zec

[Bulgaria] KATYA ATANASOVA Fear of Ankles


[Estonia] EMIL TODE Interpretation

[Finland] MOX MAKELA Night Shift

[France] ERIC CHEVILLARD Hippopotamus

[Georgia] GURAM DOCHANASHVILI A Fellow Traveler

[Iceland] ÓSKAR MAGNUSSON Dr. Amplatz

[Latvia] INGA ZHOLUDE Dirty Laundry

[Liechtenstein] JENS DITTMAR His Cryptologists

[Lithuania] HERKUS KUNCIUS Belovezh

[Macedonia] VLADA UROSEVIC The Seventh Side of the Dice

[Moldova] IOAN MANASCURTA How I Was Going to Die on the Battlefield

[Montenegro] LENA RUTH STEFANOVIC The New Testament

[Norway] KJELL ASKILDSEN My Sister’s Face

[Poland] KRYSTIAN PIWOWARSKI Homo Polonicus

[Portugal] RUI MANUEL AMARAL Almost Ten Stories

[Russia] NINA GABRIELYAN Quiet Feasts

[Slovakia] VLADIMíR HAVRILLA The Teacher and the Parchment

[Slovenia] VESNA LEMAIC The Pool

[Spain: Castilian] SUSANA MEDINA Oestrogen

[Spain: Galician] XURXO BORRAZAS Pena de Ancares

[Switzerland: German] CHRISTOPH SIMON Fairy Tales from the World of Publishing

[Ukraine] YURIY TARNAWSKY Dead Darling

[United Kingdom: England] TOM MCCARTHY On Dodgem Jockeys

[United Kingdom: Wales] ROBERT MINHINNICK Scavenger