Best European Fiction 2013

Best European Fiction 2013

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2013 may be the best year yet for Best European Fiction.


2013 may be the best year yet for Best European Fiction. The inimitable John Banville joins the list of distinguished preface writers for Aleksandar Hemon's series, and A. S. Byatt represents England among a luminous cast of European contributors. Fans of the series will find everything they've grown to love, while new readers will discover what they've been missing!

SLOVAKIA: Balla, Before the Breakup

MACEDONIA: Žarko Kujundžiski, When the Glasses Are Lost

MONTENEGRO: Dragan Radulović, The Face

GEORGIA: Lasha Bugadze, The Sins of the Wolf

BELGIUM: Paul Emond, Grand Froid

ARMENIA: Krikor Beledian, The Name under My Tongue

RUSSIA: Kirill Kobrin, Last Summer in Marienbad

MOLDOVA: Vitalie Ciobanu, Orchestra Rehearsal

IRELAND: Tomás Mac Síomóin, Music in the Bone

FINLAND: Tiina Raevaara, My Creator, My Creation

HUNGARY: Miklós Vajda, Portrait of a Mother in an American Frame

TURKEY: Zehra Çırak, Memory Cultivation Salon

PORTUGAL: Dulce Maria Cardoso, Angels on the Inside

LATVIA: Gundega Repše, How Important is it to be Ernest?

UKRAINE: Tania Malyarchuk, Me and My Sacred Cow

SPAIN (Castilian): Eloy Tizón, The Mercury in the Thermometers

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Semezdin Mehmedinović, My Heart

AUSTRIA: Lydia Mischkulnig, A Protagonist’s Nemesis

FRANCE: Marie Redonnet, Madame Zabee’s Guesthouse

LITHUANIA: Ieva Toleikytė, The Eye of the Maples

BULGARIA: Rumen Balabanov, The Ragiad

UK, ENGLAND: A.S. Byatt, Dolls’ Eyes

ESTONIA: Kristiina Ehin, The Surrealist’s Daughter

POLAND: Sylwia Chutnik, It’s All Up to You

LIECHTENSTEIN: Daniel Batliner, Malcontent’s Monologue

SPAIN (Basque): Bernardo Atxaga, Pirpo and Chanberlan, Murderers

SERBIA: Borivoje Adašević, For a Foreign Master

SLOVENIA: Mirana Likar Bajželj, Nada’s Tablecloth

DENMARK: Christina Hesselholdt, Camilla and the Horse

ROMANIA: Dan Lungu, 7 P.M. Wife

SWITZERLAND: Bernard Comment, A Son

UK, WALES: Ray French, Migration

IRELAND: Mike McCormack, Of One Mind

ICELAND: Gyrðir Elíasson, The Music Shop

NORWAY: Ari Behn, Thunder Snow and When a Dollar Was a Big Deal