Best European Fiction 2010

Best European Fiction 2010

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Best European Fiction 2010 is the inaugural installment of what will become an annual anthology of stories from across Europe.


Best European Fiction 2010 is the inaugural installment of what will become an annual anthology of stories from across Europe. Edited by acclaimed Bosnian novelist and MacArthur "Genius-Award" winner Aleksandar Hemon, and with dozens of editorial, media, and programming partners in the U.S., U.K., and Europe, the Best European Fiction series will be a window onto what's happening right now in literary scenes throughout Europe, where the next Kafka, Flaubert, or Mann is waiting to be discovered.

Preface Zadie Smith

Introduction Aleksandar Hemon

Ornela Vorpsi [Albania] From The Country Where No One Ever Dies

Antonio Fian [Austria] From While Sleeping

Peter Terrin [Belgium: Dutch] From The Murderer

Jean-Philippe Toussaint [Belgium: French] Zidane's Melancholy

Igor Stiks [Bosnia] At the Sarajevo Market

Georgi Gospodinov [Bulgaria] And All Turned Moon

Neven Ušumović [Croatia] Veresˇ

Naja Marie Aidt [Denmark] Bulbjerg

Elo Viiding [Estonia] Foreign Women

Juhani Brander [Finland] From Extinction

Christine Montalbetti [France] Hotel Komaba Eminence (with Haruki Murakami)

George Konrád [Hungary] Jeremiah's Terrible Tale

Steinar Bragi [Iceland] The Sky Over Thingvellir

Julian Gough [Ireland: English] The Orphan and the Mob

Orna Ní Choileáin [Ireland: Irish] Camino

Giulio Mozzi (aka Carlo Dalcielo) [Italy] Carlo Doesn't Know How to Read

Inga Abele [Latvia] Ants and Bumblebees

Mathias Ospelt [Liechtenstein] Deep In the Snow

Giedra Radvilavičiūtė [Lithuania] The Allure of the Text

Goce Smilevski [Macedonia] Fourteen Little Gustavs

Stephan Enter [Netherlands] Resistance

Jon Fosse [Norway] Waves of Stone

Michał Witkowski [Poland] Didi

Valter Hugo Mãe [Portugal] dona malva and senhor josé ferreiro

Cosmin Manolache [Romania] Three Hundred Cups

Victor Pelevin [Russia] Friedmann Space

David Albahari [Serbia] The Basilica in Lyon

Peter Kristúfek [Slovakia] From The Prompter

Andrej Blatnik [Slovenia] From You Do Understand?

Julián Ríos [Spain: Castilian] Revelation on the Boulevard of Crime

Josep M. Fonalleras [Spain: Catalan] Noir in Five Parts and an Epilogue

Peter Stamm [Switzerland] Ice Moon

Deborah Levy [United Kingdom: England] From Swimming Home

Alasdair Gray [United Kingdom: Scotland] The Ballad of Ann Bonny

Penny Simpson [United Kingdom: Wales] Indigo's Mermaid